One month down! 8 weeks to go!

Well, one month has flown by!  I can say that I am looking better and feeling better.  I have lost some poundage, inches, and quite a bit of body fat percentage, and am getting really excited about the next couple of months...and even after.

I have been working out consistently 6 days a week and going really hard.  At least 2-3 hours a day. 
I know 2 hours sounds like a lot, but for me 2+ hours is necessary.  Every exercise I do serves its purpose.  Back in the day, I would work out whenever I could between work and school, and on Saturdays I would do my own solo triathlons just  for fun.  So, sometimes I got in 3-4 hours of working out a day.  When people say they do not have time for it... I say baloney!  Even if it is just a couple of times a week, for 30 minutes.  There IS time! 

Of course, I do not have a job right now, or kids, so I could work out for  8 hours if I wanted to. :)  But, when I was working, going to school, and being an awesome girlfriend and wifey, I just made time for it.  I would study while doing cardio on the treadmill, or sometimes even coerce my boss into doing a fitness video with me.  And of course, Frankie was a fitness phenom, so we worked out all the time together. And if we weren't working out, we were snowboarding, rock-climbing, playing volleyball, ping-pong, basketball, swimming, surfing, or trying some other fun sport! We motivated one another perfectly. 

This  2+ hours does not include my walks with  my puppy wuppy doo doo.  Those are usually around 30 - 45 minutes.  On Sunday, I try to take it easy, but take a much longer walk/jog with Kai.

On top of that, I hired a personal trainer, who has given me a workout plan and some really fun, but really tough workouts a couple of times a week, and he is just really awesome.  He knows I am really serious about this, and has actually mentioned once I lose the weight that I should do a fitness competition.  He does them....and I can see that being a good goal, but first I have to lose 30+ pounds! ha!

It really has not been hard at all.  It is amazing how much more energy I have.  Even when I am not working out, I feel like I need to be doing something.  Besides my intense workouts, I am eating the right balance of foods that my body is fueled the best by.  I have always eaten clean, healthy, organic foods, but the last couple of years it has been hard to consistently feed myself right.  My metabolism went all crazy because I started eating less frequently, and that on top of stress did me in.  Now, I know that for me, I have to stay consistent.

I am not one of those girls who can get away with light workouts, and sort of eating healthy.  I have to be all in. So, I am all in for the long-term!  8 weeks are going to fly-by, but even after that, I am so excited to maintain and even get better over time.  Frankie and I were immensely inspired by Don Wildman.  Seriously, if you have the time, click on his name and read the article about this man!  Both Frankie and I aspired to be like him when we were old!  I want to get back in shape so I can keep having more adventures like the ones Frankie and I had together.

I felt like I had lost a huge piece of who I was by not working out consistently.  I absolutely love it.  Always have.  Now, there is no stopping me!  It is so amazing because I had the drive to workout before Frankie died, but now it feels so different.  Sometimes my workouts are pretty insane, but I smile the whole time because I know I push myself harder because of how blessed I feel to still have my body and spirit together.  I am amazed really at all that our human form is capable of and know that Frankie would want me to use it to the up-most of it's abilities.  I know he smiles every time I think to myself "Can't is a bad word."  And of course his favorite, "Pain is only weakness leaving the body." 

This is just for my own personal motivation :)  Every time I run, I think of this in my head!
I feel amazing.  Man, I missed this feeling.  Can't wait for another good workout tomorrow.  :)


Anonymous said...

proud of you and your inspiring me! Looking forward to our future once in a lifetime trips and representing our love's at the widow wives we are <3

love you

DeRosa080208 said...

Brooke that is so awesome! Way to go! I've just recently started working out regularly and eating better and its amazing how just those things can boost how you feel. Keep up the good work!

Stacey said...

Love this post and I'm so glad you've found your workout-self back! I was really getting into being heatlhy before Mike died. We used to say we were on "the healthy family plan." I miss that part of things, and how great I felt. I feel like I need to go workout after reading this :) Love You!