Ferocious Furby?

So, Frankie and I had a very interesting conversation today. Do you remember those Furby toys that were so popular in the 1990's? Well, apparently they found the real life version of the toy in Indonesia last year. Although, its actual name is the Pygmy Tarsier, it was a great find because it has not been seen for approx. 80 years. OK, so why this information? Well, Frankie and I had a dispute about how ferocious they are! I claimed that it looked pretty harmless? What do you think? Kind of like Gizmo from the Gremlins....Frankie says it beats out the Honey Badger, which is my favorite ferocious beast. (Another post for another time)! :) I think not, my love. I think not!


The Culprit

But really, how can you be mad at this?!!
He is too stinkin' cute...
destructive, but adorable.

Since I have been living with my three year old nephew...costs have been adding up. So far, he has broken my sunglasses, cell phone, and just recently my brand new camera. aaargh!