Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas in Hawaii was a little strange, only because it was 80 degrees outside. Frankie and I got into the spirit of it by getting our little special tree. It was pretty crooked and the backside was barren of any needles... but we loved it. We made it look pretty good, I would say! :) Christmas was really great. We decided to get eachother tickets to the Pro Bowl coming up in February, and let our gifts be all of our snorkeling gear that we bought for eachother about 3 weeks before Christmas! Our families were great and sent us so many gifts, so our little tree was full of presents to open up on Christmas morning. We had fun and are so thankful for our families being so generous and thoughtful.

Our Place in Kailua, Hawaii!

We finally have our pictures of our new place for all of you to see! We love it! We got so lucky, because it came fully furnished, red couches and all...they actually grew on us and this place really feels like a home. Right now while typing this I am looking out of our huge windows at our view of gorgeous green mountains. The beach is only about 3/4 of a mile away. Our apartment complex also has a gym, pool, jacuzzi, BBQ area, and tennis and raquetball courts. It's pretty sweet. The only bad thing is we only have one bedroom, so when ya'all come to visit it might be a pretty tight squeeze! I get to be next to Frankie though! :) We love ya and miss ya and hope you are all able to come visit us in paradise.