Merry Christmas!!

Hey Everyone~Merry Christmas! Or Mele Kalikimaka! We have had a wonderful year in Hawaii, and are especially thankful this time of year for all we have. We have eachother, family and friends, and miss all of you. We are especially thankful for our Savior and for the meaning of this day. We had a great Christmas and loved all of the gifts from our families. We ended up getting eachother almost exactly the same thing! Shoes and ipods! No, Frankie did not get me a doggy, we were housesitting for some friends and had a great time at their house laying by the pool today after we opened our gifts! We hope that these pictures may entice you to visit us!! LOVE YA!!


I am an Auntie, of kid #11

Congratulations to my sister Tara, she had her little baby girl onDecember 8th, 2007. She weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was 20 inches long. Probably the littlest Dueling baby ever! My fam usually has behemoth babies! She is sooooo cute... I am pretty sure her name is Mylee Joe... unless my sister changed her mind... I will find out more tomorrow. My sis has had quite the year... from eloping, basically, and then having a little bambino. I am so happy for you Tara Belara! YAY! Love ya!


These are a few of my favorite things!

My gorgeous sistas!!

My Frankie & life always being an adventure.

Being proud of my hubby... yes that is him with Mr. President Bush


My weirdo sisters, and new weirdo sister, Amanda!

Getting married and gaining the best family ever.

The Beach...

Happy Holidays!

We just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Frankie is now the most senior Ensign, or the bull Ensign, as they call it. He received a nice little hat for it. The tall guy is Commanding Officer Maurer. Frankie got a new job for NAVFAC and his areas cover the West Oahu bases. He is busy and is in charge of the funding for projects around the bases. We have both been so busy; Frankie with work, and myself with school. We can't complain though, because we live in stinkin' Hawaii!! It is so great here. We have been fortunate to have Frankie's Granddad and Barbara visit twice for a short time. We wish we were able to make it home for the Holidays, but I am taking a winter session class, and we are also house-sitting for some friends. Plus, it gets expensive flying from here! We cannot believe we have been here over a year. It has gone so fast! We want to wish everyone a warm holiday season! Love ya!