Merry Christmas!!

Hey Everyone~Merry Christmas! Or Mele Kalikimaka! We have had a wonderful year in Hawaii, and are especially thankful this time of year for all we have. We have eachother, family and friends, and miss all of you. We are especially thankful for our Savior and for the meaning of this day. We had a great Christmas and loved all of the gifts from our families. We ended up getting eachother almost exactly the same thing! Shoes and ipods! No, Frankie did not get me a doggy, we were housesitting for some friends and had a great time at their house laying by the pool today after we opened our gifts! We hope that these pictures may entice you to visit us!! LOVE YA!!


Beau & Lenette said...

I totally thought you guys got a dog!! I want to come to Hawaii! That's me whining :) I miss you! I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas. Did you both know what you were getting each other? Love ya!

The Go's...the "ugh" is silent? said...

My little Hawaiian Brookie!! I found your site through Tay's. Hope its okay I linked you to mine!! Love you. Congrats on the wedding and living the dream in Hawaii..I'm so jealous!

The Go's...the "ugh" is silent? said...

Okay, I'm lame. I forgot to say this is SHONDEL..:) Love ya!