Extreme Paintball!

It has been such a long time since I have blogged, but I do have a few pictures and events that have been fun that I need to catch up on. School has just been really crazy! Anyways... obviously we went paintballing! We went last Saturday all day, and it was awesome! We set it up to go with a bunch of our friends from Frankie's work, and it was so fun! We played on a huge course, with a ton of other people, and played capture the flag, sortof... The flag is in the middle of the field and a person from either team has to grab it and then get it to the other teams recharge zone. It was crazy! Frankie was the flagmaster of the day, and we got two bags of free paintballs. I was proud! Then they played a game called Church, where 16 people volunteer to be in the middle of the field in a building with a few windows, and then the rest of the 60-80 people, try to get them, but the only shots that count have to be a direct hit to the eye area on the mask. Frankie, of course volunteered, with a couple of the other guys... Travis and Jake, and now they all have at least 50 welts! Right after that we played in a smaller course with just our friends... and then Frankie and I played one on one.... and I won! 3 Times! :) Thats right... girls rule, boys drool.

That's me on the far left... I look ferocious! Actually, I wore a hoody, because I did not want the paintballs to hurt me too bad. :) I loved it..

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Beau & Lenette said...

That's awsome! you look so bad A!!! Good to see some pics up. Call me!