Frankie and I always got each other cards.  Usually 2 or 3 at a time because we liked funny ones and weird ones, and serious ones.  We always gave each other random cards during the year.  But, I went through all of our Valentine ones this morning.  I love them all for different reasons, but this one just summed up so much of of what I feel every day.  And Frankie would always fill up the whole other side of my cards with the most loving words.
Frankie and I were always so blissfully happy because we had each other.  And even now I feel that bliss because I know he is around me always.   Today I could not help but just celebrate our love even more than I always do.  I saw a few things during the day where I knew he was with me, and I couldn't help but smile because I knew he was next to me...making me happy.  Man, I love my husband so much.  It is amazing how it is so strong, and even stronger through all of this.

I have put the following that Frankie wrote to me on my blog before....but I love it so much, and it is the perfect thing for me that sums up our never-ending love.  Happy Valentine's Day! 


There is an ocean which no eye can see the end. There are no sides, no beaches, no banks, or beds - Just water that continues forever. Within this sea that has no end there is just two people. Just you and me - swimming and splashing, laughing and kissing. I hold you close as I lift my hand from the water we watch the water drip off my skin and it goes back to the ocean drop by drop. I look into your eyes so blue and true to me and say - "Each drop that must fall to fill this ocean is from my heart and each one is a piece of my love I have for you. As you can see it is never-ending. Never. With each passing unit of time my sea of love deepens for you Brooke. I love you."



Lacey said...

It's so inspiring to me that you were able to be happy and celebrate your amazing love today. I love that you could feel him with you... I'm still working on trying to celebrate the love more than drowning in the grief. The card that Frankie wrote you is so beautiful and eloquent. Thanks for sharing <3

Jenielle said...

You, my dear sweet friend, are a tremendous example to me; giving me a brightness of hope that the best things are well worth waiting for and then, when they come, holding on to. xoxox

DeRosa080208 said...

I love this post Brooke. You are amazing and so is Frankie.