Our "first song"

So, when Frankie and I first started dating, he did not have a car because he was at a military academy. No cars allowed until their senior year.  I quickly became his sugar mama, ride giving lady.  That's right! Mmmhmmm :)

On our first trip alone together, we were driving up to his Grammy's before heading snowboarding the following morning.  We were in my radio-less car.  It was really awesome actually because we did not need the radio at all.  Well, at some point during the ride, I started humming a song.  Frankie was like....whoa! What song is that?  

I told him and apparently he sang it almost every morning to himself and his roommate for the past little while, and never knew who it was.  Both of us had not heard it forever, but would always randomly sing it.  Brainwaves...maybe!  It is a soul-mate thing, I swear! 

So, I literally have not heard this song since I have been with Frankie and it was definitely a few years before he was killed. And we only heard it maybe twice together...besides when we would bust out singing it at random times.  

Well, tonight, after a not-so-great day...I heard it!  The timing was just right.  I had unplugged my i-pod from my car stereo...which rarely (never) happens.  I turned it to a random station and on came that song.  It ended just as I pulled up to the gym.  Perfect timing. 

I couldn't help but laugh out loud.  I busted out the song like how I would when Frankie and I sang it together.  I had a huge smile on my face, and I said..."Hey baby."  It was just as if he was right next to me, smiling and remembering "Our first song."  I got those familiar chills that make it feel as if he was right there with me in spirit.

And tomorrow, I will wake in the morning, and step outside, take a deep breath...and just keep on breathing knowing he is right there....always.  

And this is the first time I have EVER watched this video.  It is pretty strange...



Julie said...

I SO remember that song! I used to sing it out loud, too! Very cool timing... it is amazing when you feel Frankie with you. He's just saying, "Hey! What's going on?" :)
And on a side note... Jake didn't have a car the first semester we met/dated. I was his sugar momma car driving gal, too. :)

Talia said...

This story just MADE MY DAY!!! THANK YOU for being so AMAZING!!! LOVE YOU Tay

Anonymous said...

"I quickly became his sugar mama, ride giving lady. That's right! Mmmhmmm :)".... :D

Love that this is y'alls song, one of the ones where I can void out my horrible vocal skills by turning this up as the heeeyyyyyy...starts.

He's definitely right there, and it's the best feeling when we forget it and am reminded they'll never leave our side.

Love Brankie...word