I will continue on this path my love
I will build it strong and true
I will finish what we started
I know your love will carry me through
I will feel you guiding me
And helping me in all I do
Aligning the boards side by side
Held with nails as brave as you
And when my life comes to its end
I will put this hammer down
And we shall have eternity
We no longer will be bound
Our deep void will be filled
With a reunited love so true
Because the path we have built
Will lead me straight to you


Dustin, Shondel and Laila said...

What an amazing poem Brooke. I didn't know Frankie, but I know you. He is one lucky guy to be with you for eternity. Shondel

Michelle Earnest said...

Beautiful poem Brooke. (give us a call next time you are in town! :) )

Taryn Davis- The AWP said...

your love seeps through your words. thank you for sharing.