I am proud to be a BodyRocker! http://www.bodyrock.tv/

I wrote to Zuzana and Freddy, who I discovered last year, just to thank them for their amazing workouts they post online, and other great tips.  It has now become an everyday habit doing her awesome workouts.  She shared my e-mail online with the rest of the bodyrock community, and the support has been so incredible.  I am so thankful for the motivation that this has given me to accomplish all of my workout goals.

I have loved reading all of the comments, and am so inspired by all of the people who I know are pushing themselves to be their best all around the world, and who I know will continue to motivate me.  Feeling good....Now time to work it!! :) 



Pure2raw Twins said...

Yay for bodyrock tv love! We found your site off bodyrock tv's site. We are glad to find more bodyrockers!! ;)

Lisa said...

Just saw your post on BodyRock.tv and wanted to tell you that my heart goes out to you tonight. You are beautiful and your love for your husband so touches my heart. I look forward to continue reading about your journey through fitness and this chaotic life. You are a beautiful, amazing inspiring woman. Thank you. ♥

Lisa said...

I should mention that while I have not experienced the tremendous loss that you have, I did lose my Mom to cancer when I was fourteen. So included in being an inspiration fitness-wise, you have inspired healing in my heart. Thank you again.

CJane said...

I have just finished reading every posts in your blog, and I must tell you.. I cried really hard, especially on the part when they announced Frankie's demised to you. It must have been really hard. But you have bounced back and started living again. You are one very strong girl. Frankie will be truly proud of you.

Sending a big warm hugs all the way from Malaysia. :)

Yana said...

Hi, read about your story and I admire you that you succeed to contunie I am sure that he will be always near you watching and protect you. I am sure he is very proud of you and will wants you to live this lie to the full. You are already trying to do it, dont miss a second be happy and explore the world without fear, challange yourself and stay open to people. Love yourself and the love will find you as well. I am sending u a huge hug being sorry that I dont know you in real life.

Vee said...

I read your story on bodyrock and it really hit home for two reasons...my husband is in the military and I just lost my 20 year old brother a month ago to cancer and he was in ICU for about three weeks. I was there till his very last breath & he fought till his very last breath. Im on a rollercoastter of emotions. My brother & I were very close. I just couldnt bring myself to workout. Reading your story inspired me to start working out again. Today I did the Marine Workout. Thank you for sharing your story with me.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!! Did you buy all of the things they use in the videos (balls, sandbags, etc) or do you improvise?

I really want to start this but I dont really want to buy a bunch of stuff.