Today, I learned how to ride Frankie's motorcycle.  
Turning the key, and having it start was music to my ears after not hearing it for nearly three years.  
I am so happy he had the chance to have that before he died and that we lived every day to the fullest.  
Today I am thankful for great friends, and people who motivate me to be more and do more. 

Today I am thankful for finding out Frankie is receiving a Silver Star.  
A much deserved honor...
and even though it does not bring him back to me,
it just makes me even more proud (if that is even possible).  
Today I am blessed with an amazing family, who I love being around...even if it means staying in Idaho for a while. I am thankful that Idaho is actually growing on me...

Today, I am ready to take on new challenges and work hard for an amazing cause.  

Today --- and tomorrow, and the days that follow....I will be thankful, and I will be hopeful.


Jenielle said...

Today, I am grateful for your continuing example. For you showing me that challenging myself is the best way to move forward. Today, and every day, I know the world is a better place because of you and Frankie....and I am thrilled to know he is receiving the Silver Star. xoxox

Rebecca said...

This is beautiful, because in all things we should give thanks and be thankful for all things. Some days its hard to remember that. Thank you for reminding me.

Sidebar comment, so proud you learned to ride Frankie's motorcycle. Bobby's is still sitting in the garage. I'm too clumsy to ever learn how but just having it here is very comforting.