The Biggest Loser :)

Image and quote borrowed from American Widow Project's Weekend Wisdom.

“If you try anything, try to live, if you try to lose weight, or to improve yourself, or to love, or to make the world a better place, you have already achieved something wonderful, before you even begin. Forget failure. If things don’t work out the way you want, hold your head up high and be proud. And try again. And again. And again!”
-Sarah Dessen
Well....I didn't win the 12-week challenge.  Not even in my category.  I was somewhat disappointed, but proud at least to have made it to the finals.  I know that I am feeling better, and will continue to work hard at the goals I have set for myself. 

I have heard from several people that they thought I should have won, at least in my category, but I guess you can't force people to make the right decisions! :)  haha. I really did make a huge transformation, and am proud of where I am, and where I am headed. 

I am still as motivated as ever on this healthy lifestyle.  Although, in New Orleans I caved a couple of times eating things I probably shouldn't have....but man, that southern food.  And those macaroons...yummmmm! 

I have been through so much the past two years, that just signing up and completing the challenge was good enough for me.  (Shhhhh...hush down competitive side...Second place is not the first loser)! :) 

But really, it is so nice to see pictures of myself and not hate looking at it.  I felt so disgusting before and am glad that I am getting back to who I am, and in more ways than just weight loss....I am feeling more motivated in so many aspects of life, and that is what it is all about. 

I will take a picture of my before and after and may even consider posting it on here....maybe :) 


Jenielle said...

Dear friend...you have inspired me in so many ways...but this particular post has hit very close to home. I can totally relate to the photograph thing, although I am surprised to hear you feel that way as you are truly one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out! Thanks for being so open and reminding me that I have the power to change what I don't like!

aloveinterrupted said...

It's just the beginning of your inner and outer transformation. And yes...you should have won! Was this challenge voted for in Florida!?

I'm super proud of you, but probably not a fraction as I know Frankie must be <3

You were meant to win something bigger...i know it.

love me some brankie

Lyndsey Matthews said...

You are such an inspiration!! I seriously love reading every one of your posts. You are an incredible and beautiful person inside and out, but good job for working so hard and losing the weight!!

alohadonna said...

I saw an American Widows post on facebook, clicked on your picture of you & your husband by renewed and saw your blog. I live in Kailua & immediately recognized the Ko'olaus and Mt. Olomana on your blog. I used to volunteer fo the Red Cross at TMAC w/our German Shepherd, Panzer. This gave me a huge appreciation for the wives and families of our troops.
I was tearful reading that you & your precious baby girl lost your handsome Frankie. I am truly inspired by your journey to recover and rebuild your life. My daughter is also working to lose weight gained in 2 difficult pregnancies (that required bedrest of 4 mos. each time!) And I have been combatting middle age spread as well. We can all relate to emotional eating and rigors of losing weightin a busy life. You seem to have made great progress. Don't get discouraged if you fall short of a goal. Hey, you are ion your way!! As we say in Hawaii, "Imua!" (Pron. ee-MOO-ah=onward & upward) God bless you.

Elisabeth said...

I like what you say about "Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try." Thumbs up!