Looking Forward to seeing My Family on Memorial Day

I have this family you see,
They are of every age, every race, every religion
We meet me in the field and we talk about how, and why,
and where, and when..

We focus on the good parts,
and try to let them know the most important person in our lives.

We wish this family never had to be, but
We understand each other
We know what it is like to grieve
We cry together
We believe together
We hope together
We miss them beyond words.

Each headstone lined up has a family who still miss them every day,

and people’s lives they have touched along their path of life.

We all feel they are gone much too soon, but

We all know one thing for sure...

We are a family of The Heroes
Buried in section 60 –

I also have to mention the families of those not buried at Arlington, but all around the country. I feel so blessed to have made sisters (widsters) to share this journey with because of Michael and Taryn Davis and the American Widow Project - Their love spreads through the whole organization, and allows the rest of us to share ours as well!

And I think of the wonderful families I have met during my trips to Arlington, like the Wests, and the Khans. Cannot wait to give everyone big hugs!

After spending a day with C.J. West's family, I wrote this. Love them.

With every setting sun, my love grows for you Frankie. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Love you Toner crew..and so honored to be on your amazing blog on this special day. Can't wait to see you and have a complee "family" for memorial day weekend <3

Kim said...

I am looking forward to crossing paths with you, my friend...I will be in DC from Friday-Monday <3