Fun in Philly!

The whole time Frankie and I lived in NY we never made it to Philadelphia! We were talking about it one day and the next day Frankie was asked to go to a conference there from Hawaii! Go figure! It was for SAME or the Society of American Military Engineers. So, we flew out like a week and a half later and enjoyed a nice week in Philly where we not only got to see the sights, like Independence Hall ( not pictured), the state Capitol,

famous parks and a great historical city... but the best part was we got to see our Family and friends Greg and Anna, who are getting married in about a month, YAY! It was so nice. It was cold though, early May, especially after being in Hawaii and California for so long. We didn't have the right kind of clothes.... like coats, but it was really a fun trip! We are so blessed and so thankful to have been able to go! I wish you could all see the video of Frankie running up the Stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (the Rocky stairs), it was ridiculous! Love ya all!


Beau & Lenette said...

glad you are finally back on! I love Frankie in his hard hat it's pretty sexy! Can't wait to see more pictures in the future.

Ronna said...

Frankie and Brooke,
Love your blog page. It is amazing - truly amazing that you have almost been married a year already. That time went really fast. It is exciting to me to see all that you are doing and that you are still on honeymoon. I am truly happy for the both of you - you are each so perfect for the other. I just got back from a week at Girl's Camp at Island Park and it was great! I was the camp director and did high COPE on a new, improved course. I am bruised from head to toe and loved every moment of it. We were all tired at the end of camp and I was so very grateful that the Bishop and his wife came up for the last two days. It meant so much to me and the girls. I haven't had much of a summer because I took two graduate classes simultaneously and now it is time to start up all over again. One more year and I should have earned my Master's Degree. I just applied for a teaching job at the University - we'll see. Thank you for letting me know about your phone number and I appreciate finally hearing from you. How do you do this blogger thing anyway? It is so cool! Love, Mom