Frankie the Shipboarding Officer aboard the USS Ronald Reagan

A cool experience I really wanted to post. Since Frankie is the Shipboarding Officer for all foreign and US Navy ships he got to bill the USS Ronald Reagan and supply some of their services; he also was able to get me to go on a tour of it with him. It was an awesome experience, the picture with the helicopter flying by it doesn't to it justice, because it doesn't have the front end of it, but it was huge. When it pulled into port it was really cool. All the guys were in their whites standing around the flight deck and there were 3 helicopters flying around it and a couple of other boats to protect it. All of the jets were out on the deck as well, which we got to go on, as you can see. We went up to the house and got a great view of the ship and also the Arizona Memorial in the background where soldiers from the Pearl Harbor attack are still inside the hull of that ship under the water and the USS Missouri is the ship behind it that was retired pretty recently. And there is Frankie in his camoflauge and hard-hat :) what a dork. But I am really proud of him for all of his hard-work.

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Jake & Kelly said...

ahhhh! it's so good to see pics of you guys! looks like Hawaii is treating you well! I love your place! How great! I would love to come and visit...I might have to check into it :) I added you to my blog links...do you mind? Keep posting!