Warning!!! This post has some disturbing photos! :) 
So, I made it through into the new year. Past my second year of holidays.  It is hard to say it is 2011.  It is tough knowing that Frankie missed all of 2010 and most of 2009.  It is even more difficult going to family holiday functions alone and having them afraid to mention Frankie, and looking through family albums and seeing my beautiful sisters all having the lives I somewhat imagined.  I am over-joyed for them, but it is tough.  All of it.  I know Frankie's love has gotten me this far.  But, I have realized that  one of the many reasons he chose me, is because he knows how strong I am.  How even though life and things may be tough....I AM TOUGHER!!  He knows how strong my commitment is to him and I know how much he cannot wait to see me again. 
 He knows that even though this course on the the rest of my race in life is going to sometimes be like trudging through thick mud with giant blisters on my heels.........I will not quit!!
  I am tougher than that.

We did the Marine Corps Swamp Romp in Hawaii, which is a grueling 5.2 mile course, that includes going over and under barriers, a portion of running on the beach, an ocean swim and low crawls.  These blisters formed well within the first mile.  Frankie wanted me to stop so he could check them out, when I complained about my heels hurting, but I did not want him to see it because I knew it was bad, and he wouldn't have let me continue.  I had to finish the race.  And I did --- With a huge smile on my face. 
   The pain of missing him will not stop me.  I will not look back to see how difficult the path has been.  I will continue to look forward.  I will finish the race, embrace the pain, the joy, our love, and I hope to be smiling the whole way, because I know what my reward will be: 

Happy New Year everyone!  Let's make it a good one!  We can do it!  
Let's make our loves proud! 


aloveinterrupted said...

Love it! I think the same thing so often, he wouldn't have asked me to marry him had he not known I could take on all that life could through at us, including death.

I love you both for all that you both embody.

To 2011 and growing stronger through their love.

MandyMy said...

Love it!!! :)

DeRosa080208 said...

You are AWESOME! I would have probably quit if I'd had blisters like that... but I'm a baby when it comes to that stuff. Rock 2011 girl. I know you can.

Lacey said...


Stacey said...

love that picture, Brooke!

Robert said...

Hi, Brooke. Bob DeRosa here. I was thinking about you and hope you are well. You absolutely are tough enough - and most importantly wise enough to make a good life from whatever comes your way.
All the best,
Bob and Vivian