Driving cross-country fell over Valentine's Day. My wonderful friend and I are in completely opposite, yet painful parts of our lives. it was difficult on Valentine's day for both of us. Yet, I was happy when Frankie supplied me with his usual string of heart clouds, which I have been blessed with on my hardest days. (I usually feel crazy when I see them, but somehow I know they are from him). It was his way of giving me a Valentine's card. :) That night I watched my favorite video of him. I save it for special occasions. I love hearing his voice and seeing his face and feeling like he is talking to me. But, on the other hand, I hate it. I hate that it is the only way physically for me to do that. I miss him. I love him.

Beyond words,

Beyond and above,

Are two souls who are intertwined

and attached at the heart,

Beyond description,

Beyond our lives,

Is eternal bliss

To sanctify our souls,

and bring us endless joy

Unconditional love here,

and Beyond is --- Us.



Anonymous said...

I Love this :)... LOTS! I'm glad you have those moments where you have to say "Am I crazy" when they seem to leave us their symbols of love.

Anonymous said...

I love this poem. It's beautiful.